Alex Riley



About Me

My wife and I bought our “forever home” in Leucadia to get away from the City of San Diego which we thought was moving in the wrong direction. We actually sold our house in North Park at a loss because even back then the congestion, noise, crime and other quality of life issues were becoming a near-constant problem. I had lived in North County previously and wanted to return.

During that time, I was also recovering from serious neck and back injuries sustained during a cliff rescue at Black’s Beach that ultimately ended my Lifeguard career.

It took more than two years of rehab to get functional and I attribute a lot of that success to the healthy atmosphere of Encinitas and the wide variety of excellent health and medical practitioners in the area.

Though my rescue days are behind me, I would still like to continue to serve the public and my new hometown. I know from first hand experience the absolute feeling of dread when finding out that an oversized development is going to be built on your street. I also understand the annoyance about the little things that never seem to get fixed and feeling that the council doesn’t listen, prioritize, or seem to care about what residents say they want.

Now more than ever we need true leaders who will listen, work hard, collaborate with others, and fight the good fight in order to do what is right for our city. We must maintain the neighborhood character of our unique communities and preserve the quality of life that brought us here in the first place.

That is why I am running for city council.


For 19 years I served the public as a Lifeguard for the city of San Diego. This combined my passion for the ocean with a unique opportunity to help others.

Lifeguards working for the San Diego Fire/Rescue Department protect the San Diego coastline and inland waterways by land, sea and air. Whether by truck, boat, SCUBA, helicopter or the good old rescue buoy and fins I trained in a wide variety of disciplines and prepared to meet dynamic and dangerous situations at a moment’s notice.

San Diego Lifeguards perform a wide variety of duties beside saving swimmers in distress. Medical response, underwater search and rescue, swift water rescue, cliff rescue, marine firefighting, harbor patrol, emergency dispatching and the enforcement of local, state and federal law are all required skills.

Always looking to expand my skillsets and bring them back to my colleagues I sought out a myriad of outside professional training including underwater investigations, technical rope rescue, swift water rescue, anti-terrorism and maritime security issues.

I was the first San Diego Lifeguard to train in the Terrorism Liaison Officer program hosted by the Joint Terrorism Task Force. This was a continuation of working with a variety of local, state and federal agencies throughout my career to protect lives, property and the environment.
I feel this experience would be very beneficial to the people of Encinitas to have a council member with a deep understanding of public safety and disaster preparedness.


As a full-time Lifeguard, I was a front-line supervisor of a dozen or more seasonal Lifeguards and responsible for their, training, scheduling and the running of daily beach operations on the busiest beaches in the region.

I also spent considerable time focused on adopting best practices obtaining and even designing better, more cost-effective equipment and updating training materials that have been adopted nationwide.

As a member of Teamsters Local 911, I represented my fellow Lifeguards in the development of new policy and participated in numerous labor contract and budget negotiations aimed at improving working conditions and emergency services to benefit the public

By running for city council in 2020 I will draw upon my unique knowledge gained in government service to ethically serve the people of Encinitas by always doing what is right for our neighborhoods and the city at large, not special interests.